Christchurch, New Zealand - Mosta, Malta - Sicily, Italy

Author: Alfonso Siciliano


Alfonso is an experienced marine ecologist with more than 12 years’ professional experience working for academic sectors, central government, and private agencies. Alfonso is experienced in marine, transition, and freshwater habitats, with particular focus on ecosystem function and biodiversity, native and non-native species monitoring, macroinvertebrate communities and colonization, drone surveys and GIS habitat mapping, ecological…
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BSc in Biological Sciences and MSc in Marine Biology

Eco Divers

Eco Divers – Centre of Underwater Scientific Activities


  My PhD was focused on Habitat Cascades, an unidirectional sequence of positive interactions where a species provides habitat for another species, which in turn provide habitat for another species… and so on. Jointly with the direct interactions occurring (species A – species B, and species B – species C), indirect interactions are also involved…
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Department of Conservation

Senior Fishery Ranger in the Taupo Fishery team


Conferences, papers, and video-photo competitions


Some of the best shot, above and below the water surface …

Freshwater fish species

Order Anguilliformes   Family Anguillidae Longfin eel, Anguilla dieffenbachii:     Order Cyprinodontiformes   Family Poeciliidae Mosquitofish or Gambusia, Gambusia affinis:     Order Osmeriformes   Family Galaxiidae Giant kokopu, Galaxias argenteus: Koaro, Galaxias brevipinnis: Banded kokopu, Galaxias fasciatus: Inanga, Galaxias maculatus: Shortjaw kokopu, Galaxias postvectis: Brown mudfish, Neochanna apoda: Black mudfish, Neochanna diversus:  …
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Sealife atlas

If you note some errors or you want me to publish your pictures please write me.     The systematics reported in this atlas is represented by the following system of buttons, font size and style: KINGDOM PHYLUM SUBPHYLUM CLASS SUBCLASS INFRACLASS Superorder Order Family Genus species   Seaweeds Seagrasses Phylum Porifera Phylum Cnidaria Phylum Ctenophora…
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Superclass Pisces: Class Elasmobranchii

INFRACLASS SELACHII Order Orectolobiformes   Family Stegostomatidae Zebra shark or Variegated shark or Tiger shark or Tiburón acebrado or Sea tiger or Nurse shark or Monkey-mouth or Leopard shark or Hark with tiger-like spots, Squalo zebra, Stegostoma fasciatum:     Order Carcharhiniformes   Family Sphyrnidae Smooth hammerhead or Shovelhead shark or Hammerhead shark or Hammerhead, Squalo martello, Sphyrna zygaena:…
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