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Freshwater fish species

Order Anguilliformes   Family Anguillidae Longfin eel, Anguilla dieffenbachii:     Order Cyprinodontiformes   Family Poeciliidae Mosquitofish or Gambusia, Gambusia affinis:     Order Osmeriformes   Family Galaxiidae Giant kokopu, Galaxias argenteus: Koaro, Galaxias brevipinnis: Banded kokopu, Galaxias fasciatus: Inanga, Galaxias maculatus: Shortjaw kokopu, Galaxias postvectis: Brown mudfish, Neochanna apoda: Black mudfish, Neochanna diversus:   […]

3D modelling

Having fun while doing research… or doing research while having fun?!?!?   My research in this field started with high-quality pictures and since I’m very keen in graphics… well, I ended up with looking for informations about 3d modelling. During my studies in experimental ecology, I’ve used (and I’m currently using) lot of different materials […]

What among seaweeds?

Even if Facilitation Cascade seems to be simple concept to understand it is in real much more complicate than the expected… and even if it looks very complex, it is in real much easier than the expected… After a quick explanation about my research, especially when I talk about hundreds or thousands of invertebrates among seaweeds, people usually look at me with […]

Superclass Pisces: Class Elasmobranchii

INFRACLASS SELACHII Order Orectolobiformes   Family Stegostomatidae Zebra shark or Variegated shark or Tiger shark or Tiburón acebrado or Sea tiger or Nurse shark or Monkey-mouth or Leopard shark or Hark with tiger-like spots, Squalo zebra, Stegostoma fasciatum:     Order Carcharhiniformes   Family Sphyrnidae Smooth hammerhead or Shovelhead shark or Hammerhead shark or Hammerhead, Squalo martello, Sphyrna zygaena: […]

Superclass Pisces: Class Actinopterygii

Order Perciformes   Family Sparidae Two banded sea bream, Sarago fasciato or Sarago testa nera, Diplodus vulgaris: Sheepshead sea bream or Sharp snout bream, Sarago pizzuto, Diplodus puntazzo: Saddled sea bream, Occhiata, Oblada melanura:   Saunders’s tern or Salema, Salpa, Sarpa salpa: Bogue, Boghe, Boops boops: Family Scaridae Parrotfish, Pesce pappagallo, Sparisoma cretense: Family Centracanthidae Picarel, […]

Phylum Cordata: Subphylum Tunicata

Family Pyuridae Red sea-squirt, Patata di mare, Halocynthia papillosa:   Family Ascidiidae White sea-squirt, Ascidia mammillata, Phallusia mammillata: Family Diazonidae Ropalea napoletana, Rhopalaea neapolitana:   Family Clavelinidae Sea-squirt, Clavelina, Clavelina sp.:        

Phylum Echinodermata: Subphylum Asterozoa

CLASS ASTEROIDEA Order Valvatida   Family Chaetasteridae Long legs starfish, Stella zampelunghe, Chaetaster longipes: Family Ophidiasteridae Eel starfish, Stella serpente, Ophidiaster ophidianus: Smooth starfish, Stella arancio, Hacelia attenuata: Family Goniasteridae Pentagon starfish, Stella pentagono, Peltaster placenta:     Order Paxillosida   Family Astropectinidae Spiny starfish, Stella spinosa grande, Astropecten cf. aranciacus:     Order Spinulosida   Family Echinasteridae Red […]

Phylum Echinodermata: Subphylum Echinozoa

CLASS ECHINOIDEA   Hatpin urchin, Riccio diadema or Riccio corona, Centrostephanus longispinus: Rock sea urchin or Purple sea urchin, Riccio edule, Paracentrotus lividus and Arbacia lixula: Violet sea urchin, Riccio di prateria or Riccio granulare di mare, Sphaerechinus granularis: Sand grey sea urchin, Riccio di sabbia grigio, Brissus unicolor: Green urchin or Green sea urchin or Broad beau of sea, Riccio di […]