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Zenobia shipwreck

MSc CyprusZenobia shipwreck was a swedish ferry used to carry small and large tonnage vehicles. Built in 1979, during its maiden voyage from Sweden to Syria it reported some problems in the water pumping system before reaching Larnaca (Cyprus). After a couple of days of unsuccessful work, engineers were dismissed and it was left sinking in Larnaca Bay, 800 m far from the harbour. On 7 June 1980, after 2 days, it sank completely with all its whole load, at -42 m. The real history, the sequence of the events and the origin of the problem are still very unclear.

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Nowadays, Zenobia shipwreck (12,000 tons, lengh: 178 m, width: 28 m) is one of the Top 10 sites for shipwreck dives in the world (“The Times“, March 2003) and one of the Top 25 best dive sites worldwide.

This is due to:

– its short distance from the harbour;
– its easy access for recreational diving;
– its suitability to any kind of dive, from open water to technical dives;
– all the ecological beauties common to every wreck dive.

It is lying on its left side in a sandy-bottom at the depth of -42 m, the right side is instead between -16 and -19 m.

Unexperienced divers can enjoy an easy dive around -18 m on the right side of the shipwreck; experienced divers can go down till -30/-40 m reaching the bottom with all the 104 trucks and the accomodation block; technical and advanced divers can deal with the extremely adventurous dive inside the shipwreck till the dangerous engine room.

The shipwreck

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