z io11My name is ALFONSO SICILIANO and I am a biologist with a M.Sc. in Marine Biology and Ecology and a Ph.D. in Experimental Marine Ecology (Marine Ecology Research Group (M.E.R.G.) and ThomsenLab, University of Canterbury, New Zealand).
My PhD research was focused on ecosystem functions and biodiversity driven by habitat cascades in canopy-forming seaweeds, soft-bottom estuaries, rocky shores and seagrass beds, using quantitative ecology, factorial designs, morphological analysis and 3D modelling.
I am a senior ranger supervisor at the Department of Conservation, within the Taupo Trout Fishery team, involved in managing a world class trout fishery. My duties are mainly focused on fishery management, non-native fish monitoring, trout ecology and freshwater research.
In the past I was also the Scientific Activities Officer and University Internships Manager at ECO DIVERS – Centre of Underwater Scientific Activities, actively involved in initiatives related to protection of marine environment, university education and civic development for environmental respect.

BACHELOR DEGREE. I earned the Bachelor Degree in “Biological Sciences” from the University of Study of Catania (Italy), with a thesis in marine ecotoxicology:

“Parablennius sanguinolentus (Pallas, 1814): an example of Teleost Blenniidae bioindicator”.

MASTER OF SCIENCE. After the BSc I continued my studies with a specialization in “Biology and Ecology of the Marine and Coastal Environment” at the University of Study of Messina (Italy); the final result was an experimental thesis written after an internship in Cyprus, at AP Marine Environmental Cunsultancy Ltd.:

“Photoquadrat technique and use of CPCe software for the evaluation of the impact of recreational diving on the macroalgae coverage of “Zenobia” shipwreck (Cyprus – Mediterranean Sea).

DIVING AND FREEDIVING. Always driven by an incomparable passion for the sea, on September 2004 I completed the Apnea Academy courses in Ustica (Italy) with the records of -27 m in constant weight apnea (CWT), 70 m in dynamic apnea with fins (DYN) and 4’06” in static apnea (STA), subsequently increased at 75 m for dynamic and 4’58” for static apnea in 2010.

As a diver I am a Dive Master CMAS with specialization in Nitrox EAN 40% and more than 1000 dives in technical conditions, among these caves, deep, deco, shipwrecks, drift and night dives.