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FCs are pretty widespread phenomena but they have attracted interest only in the last 15-20 years. Then, my research begin where the few information about them stop.

In order to have a broad understanding of the role of HC in ecology, I am currently working in different marine environments (soft-bottom estuarines and rocky shores), with different 1st habitat formers (seaweeds, seageasses, invertebrates) and different 2nd habitat formers and clients (epiphytes, invertebrates).

a and b reppresent two typical situations in soft-bottom estuarines. Due to lack of hard substrates, seaweeds can only rely in molluscs to settle (a) or seagrasses to be entagled (b) becoming 2nd habitat former. In rocky shores, a similar situation can be explained through epiphytes (c) but lack of substrate is not a problem anymore unless considering the competition.