PNZ4 – Effects of local anthropogenic stressors on habitat cascades in soft -bottom seagrass systems

As complementary to the previous project, here I described how anthropogenic factors, such as nutrient enrichment and sediment pollution, can reduce the seagrass performances and how high rate of sedimentation can destabilize the habitat cascades existing in seagrass systems.


Here, I investigated the effects of eutrophication and sedimentation on the Zostera muelleri performances and tested how sedimentation affects the habitat cascade based on the interaction seagrass – drifting seaweeds, testing if:

(1) impacts of nutrients and sediments on seagrass performance and seagrass associated invertebrates are dose-dependent and interactive;

(2) sediment stress affect the strength and direction of how drift alga affect seagrass and seagrass asscoated invertebrates (i.e., if sediment modify the strength of habitat cascades).