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Materials and methods

MSc Materials and methods (2)PRELIMINARY OPERATIONS. Before sampling to quantify the impact of recreational diving, some preliminary operations were setup:

– definition of the minimum area to optimize data collection;
– collection, physical and digital, of macroalgae sample for first identification;
– definition of the optimized parameters for sampling in order to maximize the effort;
– construction of the framework.

SAMPLING. I choose three areas to be sampled according with the standard diving routes and “use” of the shipwreck: a control (R), a middle (B) and a impact zone (A).
Three transects were placed in each area and three different methodologies were tested, in order to assess the statistical significance of these and, above all, detecting any significant difference between the methods.

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ANALYSIS OF PICTURES. In the laboratory, pictures were downloaded to a PC, renamed with codes able to allow a correct identification, cropped and edited with Adobe Photoshop before the analysis with CPCe.

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